Wednesday, March 30, 2005

AGM over

Cats that the Society was asked to take in today :- One

The AGM is over for another year - and what a relief. Generally there is so much to be done to prepare for the AGM and everyone breathes a collective sigh when it's over!

It went quite well I think. Our President outlined plans of what we intend to do over the coming year, including the Spay Days we are holding. We also asked for volunteers. Some of our members brought up some of their concerns, including an on-going problem about abandonment of cats. Unfortunately, this is a problem that has no easy solutions and we need to all work together - along with the authorities - to tackle this. The first thing that I think needs to be done is to change the housing laws to let cats officially into HDB flats - then it'll be administratively much easier to enforce cat ownership which will make it harder for people to abandon cats or at least to deny the cat is theirs.

Three of our old committee members also stepped down, two of them our founders. We will miss all three of them being around, but they have promised to always be there for advice. We have three new committee members now and they're coming onboard with lots of energy and fresh ideas, so I'm looking forward to working with them too.

My Net access was down for most of the day - tough to get work done without Internet access. Hope it works properly tomorrow.


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