Thursday, March 31, 2005

Where angels fear to tread

Number of cats the Society was asked to take in today :- Ten
Few things in life are more daunting than giving a talk to 30 six year olds and that's just what I did this morning. I have to say my respect for teachers has just been reinforced. It certainly also makes you feel old, especially when you're introduced as "Aunty Dawn"!

The talk and videos went down quite well, though some things like the importance of sterilisation may have been a little difficult for them to grasp. When I asked about the benefits of sterilisation though, one little boy did say that it helps to stop cats fighting so much, so if that's one person who's learnt something, then the talk was a success!

It was also good to see that when I asked the class whether it was important to be kind to animals, all of them said it was. One little boy piped up that cats are also God's creatures - whether or not you're religious, I thought that was very sweet.

I received another email just when I got home, asking the Society to talk to a Primary Two class, so Primary two here I come!


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