Thursday, March 24, 2005

Why cats should not be fed upstairs Part II

Number of cats that people asked the Society for help to rehome today :- Twelve

A committee member and I spent most of this afternoon distributing flyers over almost 200 units in two blocks in two different housing estates. The complaint was again about cats defecating upstairs.

The Society has mediation flyers in which we ask for information on whom is feeding the cat or cats, and asking the caregiver to contact CWS. If the complaint is not solved, it is likely that the town council or management committee will trap and kill the cat and CWS is of course anxious to avoid that. The good news is that today we managed to narrow the search down after speaking with residents in both blocks. Again, in both blocks we were told caregivers were feeding the cats upstairs. Let's hope the caregivers contact the Society so we can try and resolve this.

Some caregivers say that the cats will not know how to go downstairs to eat but feeding locations can, and have been successfully changed. The cats will learn to eat downstairs.

We learnt that one of the caregivers was not sterilising and this causes more problems with new kittens being born. If you want to feed, ALWAYS sterilise - I cannot emphasise this strongly enough.

We also saw some cats in a cage in the corridor today. Cats left without a means of escape are easy prey for abusers, so cats should always be kept indoors.

We also went to a third mediation, but no one was in, or if there was they did not come to the door, so we left a flyer.

A piece of good news :- a mediation that we did a while ago had a happy ending. We advised the caregivers not to let their cat wander in the corridor any longer and they agreed to do so while they looked for a home. Someone expressed an interest in adopting the cat through the adoption board but the family has grown so attached to the cat, they're adopting it for good!


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