Friday, April 29, 2005

Abandonment, Pizza and Meetings

Jolanda and a volunteer went down to return the cat to a really irresponsible woman today. The volunteer has been trying to get the lady to sterilise her cats because she keeps picking them up and abandoning them in the area, causing lots of problems for the volunteer. The volunteer offered to sterilise them and pay for the cats because otherwise, she keeps having to deal with the offspring of these abandoned cats. However this person kept Jolanda and the volunteer waiting for two hours before handing the cats over them for sterilisation, claiming she could not catch the cats which were in her home! Then they had problems returning the cat to her today. Jolanda and the volunteer spent two hours trying to get her before she came out and took the cats back in. They are hoping that if the cats are in her home, she'll at least stop picking cats up and taking them home and then abandoning MORE cats.

Why do people do this? The woman will undoubtedly say she pities the cats - but taking them in, and then dumping them later is NOT helping. As Jolanda mentioned today if the town councils can put up so many "Stop feeding stray cats" posters, how difficult can it be to put up one that says "Stop Abandoning cats"?

I went to the bank and to pick up some pizza as our committee meeting is tonight. I also went by one of the potential places we could use for Spay Day clinic and had a chat with the person running it. We will be meeting again possibly next week, with the volunteer vets.


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