Saturday, April 30, 2005

April Committee Meeting

Yes it's that time of month again - our monthly committee meeting. Our meetings are well known for two things - one, that they tend to be long and two, that we generally have a lot of food. Today was an anomaly though - we finished by 11:30 pm which is EARLY for us and we didn't have that much food, except for Pizza and chocolate! The last meeting committee members brought two kinds of cake, rolls, chips, biscuits, chocolates, etc!

Had to stop blogging for a moment because I heard a cat fight outside - quite rare in my area. I have never seen these two cats before, and one of them sounded like it had a bell around it's neck.

The reason our meetings are so long is that we have such a lot to discuss since we meet once a month- we had twelve items on the agenda today. We do keep in contact via e-mail but there are certain things that need to be thrashed out.

We do have an exciting publicity campaign coming up to promote sterilisation. Once the graphics and details are ready, I'll be posting them.

Lillian has updated that the supplier printed both small and medium on the same sized t-shirt, so we're re-printing the smalls, but the rest of the t-shirts can now be sold. She also showed us new merchandise ideas, including bookmarks and the like.

We also decided that a sterilisation video is just out of our budget right now unless we can find sponsors. We need to focus on getting enough money for Spay Days - the good news is another two vets may be volunteering! The bad news is that it's going to cost more money because of the additional costs. Tonight was spent ironing out details on that as well.

Our newsletter head also said that the newsletter should be out by June. There's a new format so members look out for that!


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