Thursday, April 28, 2005

Asia for Animals

Asia for Animals is going to be held on 22nd to 24th June this year at the Novotel Clarke Quay. As I mentioned earlier, our President will be presenting on Stray Cat Management, and I'll be moderating. I've never moderated a session before so this should be interesting! Do go to for more information.

We're also hoping to get a license for a vet who does speed spay to do a demonstration for the local vets as part of the conference. I don't think anyone checks the SVA website because my email went un-answered. I've just sent in a fax and hope we can get permission to get this vet in. He's supposedly very fast - our vice-president also saw him speak in Hong Kong at a conference in 2003.

Speaking of sterilisation, we are waiting for the vet to let us know when the contractors will be coming in to waterproof the room and for the tables and lights (which he is kindly providing) will be arriving. We also need to raise the funds now for our anesthetic machine and our autoclave machine. We are trying to source a second hand one as it would be substantially cheaper.


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