Saturday, April 16, 2005

AVA advertisement in yesterday's The New Paper. This is a great series! Posted by Hello


Anonymous Siew Kah said...

I find these images fairly ineffective. I understand that the designer probably wanted to equate abandoning a pet to doing the same with a child. However, visually speaking, a rabbit is just not the same as a child in a bunny suit. The level of empathy is so different that I suspect many viewers will dismiss the advertisement as cute but lacks emotional resonance. I believe a picture of a mother cat in a cardboard box, surrounded by her new born kittens and looking into the camera with pleading eyes will be a much more effective sell.

I am not sure if the words on the right-hand side appear only in English. We all know that one of the key group of people who contribute to the stray cat population are the "semi-cat" owners - those who feed a large number of cats in their flats, allow them to wonder outdoors freely, do not care for them, do not get them sterilised, and throws out pregnant cats and new born kittens. I suspect these people do not even read newspapers, not to mention reading them in English. I wonder if AVA did their market research before launching this campaign.

17/4/05 9:34 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I think the problem is that a lot of people don't see a group of kittens in a cardboard box as being particularly sad. The Society often gets emails from people who find boxes of kittens in void decks which have been there for a while - obviously quite a few people walked by and could not be bothered to stop.

I like the advertisements because as you said, the idea is to equate abandoning an animal to abandoning a child. I have to agree though that some people are not going to see that, and are going to be offended that a cat/dog/rabbit is equated with a child.

19/4/05 10:43 AM  

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