Friday, April 22, 2005

Bank Account & IPC status

Today is a momentous, historical day - after trying to open a bank account to facilitate our GIRO donations and having four different committee members go down six times, Josephine, our Treasurer, and I finally opened our bank account! Unfortunately opening a charity account is quite rare, and so every time we went down, there would be some new document or form we needed - we were in despair that the account would never opened, but it's done. Pop the champagne!

On a much more downbeat note - our Institute of Public Character status was rejected. We went to the National Council of Social Services but were told we were not people oriented enough in late January, whereupon we applied to the Singapore Environmental Council. One of our committee members in charge of the application was told that this is because we are not deemed to be directly affecting the environment. She explained that sterilisation does have an effect on the environment, so they will put in an appeal on our behalf. We really need IPC status because without it, there is no tax write-off for donations, and many of the corporations look to this before donating.


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