Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Cat Abuse?

The caregiver who asked us to do the mediation over the phone last night called this morning to say one of her cats was found dead. She was obviously very upset and brought the corpse to see the complainant, who was in turn upset and said that he had nothing to do with it. He insisted he had wanted the cats removed but did not want to kill them.

That's the problem with cat abuse - in many cases, there are obvious signs of abuse, but in some cases, it can be very difficult to tell. For example, this cat had no marks or bruises anywhere. Also it lived right next to a road, which means it could easily have been knocked down.

It's best not to accuse someone without having direct proof. The timing in this case is suspicious, but it could well be that the complainant really is innocent - the best way to tell is to get a necropsy done at the vet. They will be able to best establish when and how the cat died.

Also, take photos, get a report from the vet, and if you think abuse has been perpetrated, then file a report with the police. Do not bury the corpse without doing all this if you want to (and you should consider it very strongly) pursue the matter.

You can always accuse anyone you suspect when you have more direct proof - it also allows you to watch their behaviour more closely. If they are guilty, gather your evidence to make a stronger case. If they are innocent, then you will have made someone upset/angry who is less likely to be co-operative in the future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very suspicious of my daughters boyfriend.He adopted 3 of our kittens,2 died within less than a week.He said he was playing with 1,left for the store and returned to find him dead.The other kitten, he awoke to find him dead next to him.The third kitten's head "swelled up",made an appointment for the vet and then later canceled it.Regrettably, I confronted him with my concerns.My daughter was very upset with me.(By the way,these kittens never died at a time when she was there.She spends at least half the time there.)She has since been staying there a week. 3 nights ago we recieved a phone call saying she was transported to the hospital emergency room saying she collapsed.Could he have done something to her also? Is this possibly munchausen syndrome by proxy?I am very worried about all this.

7/7/08 10:57 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Anonymous - are these kittens all related to each other? Is it possible that there may have been some genetic problem with the kittens?

I'm sorry about your daughter - what happened to her? What did the doctors say?

8/7/08 12:25 PM  

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