Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Cat trap delivery

I dropped a cat trap off to someone who had emailed as a family of kittens had taken up residence in her roof and who needed to learn how to use it. She's a nice lady - allergic to cats so she can't keep them, but she wants to get them sterilised and to, as she put it, 'do the responsible thing'. She lives in a beautiful estate off Holland Road - one of the houses looked like a country club because the house and grounds were so big. I literally stopped dead in my tracks. I would have whipped out my camera to take a photo, but I envisioned security guards jumping out and hauling me off for being a security threat to the Ambassador to some country or other!

On the way over, I took a wrong turn and found a dog wandering around. He looked so forlorn and just sat in the middle of the road which was fortunately quiet, but he clearly had a collar on and looked lost. A taxi swerved by him so closely that I thought he might have been hit, and when I managed to get close to him, he was limping. Fortunately, after ringing one of the doorbells at random, I found the house he came from and they told me the limp was a chronic problem he had.

Today was post office day - so all the mail has been collected and I'm going through it.

I also stopped and coincidentally managed to speak with a lady who is sterilising the cats in her workplace. One cat apparently sleeps at the door to the office, but everyone loves him. She was so pleased to hear she could get subsidised rates. She said she and a friend can sterilise them faster now.


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