Friday, April 29, 2005

Chat line number

I just received one of the strangest phone calls (and trust me there have been a LOT) from someone who said they got my number from a chat line. Considering how I've never called a chat line, and I told the person so, he went on to ask if I had given out my number on an IRC or MSN chat, both of which I never do. After a pause, he went on to ask what I do for a living!

My number is being circulated everywhere - I have heard of people giving out my number and passing it around to people in the queue at SPCA. It's probably being scrawled on walls at bus stops! :) The funniest calls are from people who call me and say they got my number but then say in a film noir-ish tone of voice that they can't say from where!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am such a jackass and don't know what to do. I took my friends' cat to animal control and they euthanized it and now she won't talk to me. She is now in grief counseling now. Do people really like cat's that much??????email me and let me know what to do. Am I really as bad as she says I am. I got hurt when she called me a F^^^^^ dick head. I am at Am I really a bad person? I first had him on my balcony taking care of him for 2 wks on the 31st floor of my condo. He seemed to like it so I thought. At that time she told me I was a homo which I believe i just might be. I I need help sorting this out. Thank you

28/9/08 7:15 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

your more than a jackass. some people look at cats as animals some look at them as family. do people really love them that much. yes, they do. i came on this chat line to tell everyone to give their cats a hug from me because I lost a very good friend today. Raymond died in my arms of kidney failure. He was only three and a half. Rays mother tried to starve him and his siblings. I found him alone everybody else dead at two weeks of age. He had no muscle tone and couldn't even hold his head let alone walk. I brought him in to die comfortably on a warm water bottle. He was in bad shape. I decided to wet his mouth with water and an eyedropper. He grabbed on with many weeks of him wanting to live and getting better he was such a fighter. He survived. It made him slow and he was several months behind on learning but soon was a character. He made laugh. He was a cheeto freak, loved macaroni and cheese, and rotissere chicken. And you wonder if someone can love an animal so much to need therapy or to cry all day as i have. I love ray and my heart hurts as if he were one of my kids. I love my cat so much that im washing his favorite blanket so that he can be wrapped in something he loved as much as he loved laying in my lap. People like you are the reason i like my animals so much more than people.

23/12/08 2:35 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I'm sorry to hear that Rebecca - hope you're doing okay.

23/12/08 9:11 AM  

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