Monday, April 18, 2005


Cats the Society was asked to take in today :- Three

Jolanda and I went to meet one of the vets who is giving us space in his new hospital and looked at the place. The surgery tables and other items will be coming in soon and the vet is providing all that. Right now, it's essentially a big empty room!

We will need to get some items for the room - a small fridge for drugs that need to be chilled, curtains to partition off the cages, a vacuum cleaner (the bagless type) which will not be too noisy and scare the cats, and a safe. Apparently, by law you need to now lock the drugs up. We'll also need to get an autoclave machine, and to get Spay Day packs.

Jolanda and I went down to Mustafa's to try and get all the non-surgical items we needed, but when we found a small, nice fridge, we were reminded that the small fridges tend to get all choked with ice. The room is pretty small too, so we can't get a bigger fridge. Then we went to look at the vacuum cleaners - we were told to get the bagless ones, but the ones we saw that were reasonable were noisy and seemed rather flimsy. The more expensive and fancy ones were $500+ - way over budget.

We tried to also get a safe, and were told to go upstairs, but when we got to the right department, they did not have any! So two hours were pretty much wasted.

Anyone have small fridges, a safe deposit box or a bagless vacuum cleaner in good condition to donate?


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