Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Finite resources

I had a very difficult conversation with a caregiver today - spent a long time speaking with her a few days ago, but she is one of the handful of difficult caregivers who does not listen to what is said, but instead to what she wants to hear. Basically, she asked for the Society's help to pay for a stray cat bill - and I told her that we do not usually pay for rescue bills. However she managed to run up a huge bill and now says she cannot afford it and wants the Society to pay. The vets have also expressed some problems with her - that she did not come in and pick up the cat on time, running up more expenses and that she does not listen to what they advise as well.

The problem now of course is that if we pay for this bill, we're going to end up (1) really broke, (2) the money could be used to help so many other cats and get a lot of cats sterilised, instead of just this one cat.

With the extra anaesthetic machine we have to pay for (and now possibly surgery lights as well!), we really need to save money too.


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