Wednesday, April 13, 2005

If you're feeding, please sterilise

This just in - someone emailed to say that the cats around his block were making a lot of noise. He said that he was thinking about calling the town council but was told the cats were being killed, so he was advised to call Cat Welfare Society to ask the Society to get the cats sterilised. All very good advice - and I'm glad he followed it - but here's the interesting part :- the person who asked me to call the Society was the caregiver!

I asked the complainant if he had asked the woman why she wasn't sterilising, and she apparently said that there were too many cats! So again, if you know anyone feeding, or if you are feeding, please sterilise - the problem will NOT get better if you don't start sterilising. This may seem obvious, but some people seem to think the problem will just go away somehow without their doing anything about it. It won't. The cats will just multiply at a frightening rate, and they will either getting killed when they are rounded up by pest control, or the caregiver will end up having to sterilise far more cats than they started out with.


Anonymous Jay said...


I believe I have written to you (Dawn) before about being a caregiver. I had asked you about obtaining sterilization assistance from CWS. You had advised me about some clinics and special rates.

However, I have had a hard time in doing this as the cat simply disappears with the kittens once she has given birth. I assume others are willing to care when kittens are involved. The cat always appears alone again after sometime. I have always been unsuccessful in trying to arrange sterilization as she is always pregnant.

I am also unable to house the cat and kittens during the pre-op and post-op periods.

Last week, I noticed some men with nets on the ground floor of my block. Apparently, they were trying to catch the cat I had been giving care to.

When I asked them who had sent them, they told me they were contractors engaged by the town council. I noticed how the men were trying to catch the cat and I was not impressed at all.

I was angered that one man tried to kick the cat into the lift in order to corner it. The cat however got away. Calls to HDB branch office and Town Council were in vain and the Property Officers did not even return my call. No one seemed to know who had engaged the contractors.

I was further provoked by the Town Council who asked me to call SPCA when I was trying to determine who had given such an instruction. Are we a society that needs to rely on SPCA to prevent cruelty to animals?

I'd like to ask what happens to the cats that are caught this way. Are they sterilized or killed? If they are being sterilized who provides the pre-op and post-op care? Who pays for this? If these things are taken care of, I will be more than willing to bring the cat to them.

18/4/05 4:17 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Cats that are caught by the town council and pest controller are killed.In almost many cases, we notice this is because the number of cats has increased and that new kittens are visible. Please go get her sterilised as soon as you can.

You can get the mother cat sterilised even while she is pregnant. If it is in any way unsafe, the vet will not go ahead with the surgery.

You can board the cat for post-operative care - some vets and some professional boarders will do it for an additional fee. For the night before the operation, some vets will allow you to bring it in the night before.

As for the cruelty issue, do continue calling your town council. They should call you back as you are a resident there.

18/4/05 9:39 AM  

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