Friday, April 15, 2005


Number of Cats that people have asked the Society to take in :- One

One of the schools which have asked us to give a talk have asked us not to use the word 'mating' in our talk to their students because parents may complain. This is a class of 8 year olds, but we've given the same talk to children younger than that, with no one getting upset. In fact, none of the children even seemed to really notice. We do not of course go into detail, but use the word perhaps three times as in the context of 'female cats risk contracting diseases while mating'.

I will be checking with the school to see what their exact concern is, but by extension, what context will we then be able to speak about sterilisation? Children do need to learn about sterilisation of their cats young - so they can share it with their parents and grow up to be responsible people who sterilise their cats.

Or maybe I just hate to be censored :)


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