Monday, April 25, 2005

Mediation Part II

Just came back from mediation with another volunteer. The reason it's important to go in pairs is that you do want to have someone to back you up, in case there is any contention about what was said. Also, it's of course safer in numbers - in almost all cases, mediations are perfectly safe, but you do want to have someone with you in case the complainant gets angry or worse.

The town council was able to give us the exact address of the person complained about today. The complaint was about defecation on the sixth to tenth floors (see a trend here?). The person who was complained about said that he had only ever fed one stray on one occasion and he has not seen the cat since. He said that on occasion the cats did come up, but that he had no idea if anyone is feeding them. Let's hope that the cat has stopped going up - though I'm not very hopeful if there is a feeder around.

Some feeders (and I am not saying this is the case in this particular complaint) deny feeding even though the cat is theirs or one of the strays they look after. Some of them are frightened they'll get into trouble. As long as the message gets through though and the feeder is able to change feeding locations, then the problem can be solved.

Also spoke to one of the feeders who feeds in the void deck of a neighbouring block. The lovely ginger tom in the photograph below is one of her colony. She was saying she hoped she could find someone to take over all her feeding as she feels she is getting old, though she's been saying this for the past three years that I've known her, so she may not. She looks very healthy to me too - it's a shame that so many people I've met seem to think they're old when they're past 60 - I know many post-60 year old people who have so much to contribute and who actively volunteer!


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