Tuesday, April 05, 2005


One of the Society's brand new committee members, Lillian, helped out today with her first Mediation over the phone. The town council called just as I was rushing out, and when I spoke to Lillian, she offered to take over.

The complaint is about - what else? - cats defecating outside someone's flat. Very often speaking to the complainant gives you many more details, and Lillian found out that someone is again feeding the cat upstairs in the corridor.

Though the lady said the cat was causing a fair amount of nuisance, she told Lillian specifically she did not want the cat killed - and we do find that happening quite often. People want the nusiance to stop - but that does not equate to killing the cats for most people.

I think Lillian found her first mediation interesting - the complainant was so distressed I think she was a little loud over the phone. Thanks Lillian, if you read this, for helping out today.

I will now need to followup on this case with another volunteer and try and find out who is feeding and ask them to please change their feeding spot.


Anonymous Rebecca said...

one of the stray cats at my block, named Ah Beng, is coming into my house and kindly help himself from MY cats' bowls.
If he is locked outside, he will pee and poo at my door to vent his anger.
Anyway I am going to relocate my cats' bowls and hope that Ah Beng will not find them.

24/4/05 1:46 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Do you feed Ah Beng? Does anyone else feed him? Could you relocate him to the void deck to eat?

24/4/05 11:20 AM  

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