Monday, April 11, 2005

Meetings & Annual Reports

Cats the Society was asked to take in over the weekend :- Two

There were a lot of things to do today, most of them administration related - starting with collecting the name cards for one of our new committee members, Lillian. Lillian will be meeting a lot of people for merchandising and to liase with them for other events, so namecards are really important. It gives a very different impression from passing out little scraps on paper with your name and phone number on it (which is what we used to do) - back to what I said earlier about trying to look credible.

I also went to the post office to pick up stamps for all the AGM reports which will be going out to members. If you're a member, you can expect your AGM report to come pretty soon, once the envelopes are all stuffed. Envelopes were all printed by the way by our two new committee members, Marcus and Michelle - much nicer than the labels I used to print very badly! The last time I bought stamps to send out the notice of our AGM, I was asked if I was selling stamps because there were so many members to send them to! :)

Then off to a meeting at one of the tertiary institutes - Marcus and Michelle teach there as well and we met with the Student Affairs department. The department wanted to meet with the Society to see how the students could do community service with the Society in a meaningful manner. We have decided to try and put up specific programmes and see what the response is like, including IT requirements and perhaps fostering, and fundraising, which is Michelle's portfolio.

Speaking of IT requirements, the Society was given a quote to finish the Society's website and it came to $11,000! While I understand that there's a lot of work involved, it really is a lot of money - money which the Society cannot really afford. Marcus, who is helping us with our IT requirements is trying to see what else can be done. A few people have also written in to say they want to help with the website, so Marcus will be meeting with them over this week to see what can be done.

Marcus and Michelle also introduced me to a student at their tertiary institute who had written in to the Society and whom they had already met last week. She wants to set up an animal welfare society within her school, which is wonderful! I know of one other Junior College that has an animal welfare club, and I'm always happy to hear of new groups setting up.

Joy - the income tax form has gone out! So we've met the April 15th deadline with a few days to spare. The committee member who used to fill out the forms is no longer on the committee, so this year we found a very nice accountant to do it for a nominal charge because he loves cats too and has three strays himself. Now just have to fill out more or less the same form for the Registry of Societies - I am quite surprised that the Income Tax department and the ROS don't just share the same information instead of making Societies fill it out twice. It is quite a waste of time to fill out duplicate information on different forms. Oh well - the mysteries of the civil service are far too complicated for me to decipher.


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