Monday, April 25, 2005

More Spay Day space

One of the vets we spoke to mentioned another vet clinic that may be able to loan us some space, but for part of the day. We are planning to meet up and see if we can make use of this space as well, as one of the clinics we are using is not ready. For one thing, as I mentioned in my earlier post, we now have to get our anaesthetic machine, which means that we need to find one for a reasonable price. We also need to pay for the room to be water-proofed as the walls are not solid walls, but plywood.

If there is a clinic that is up and running and can offer us space, then we should look into it - if we can find enough vets and vet assistants and nurses to help out, then we can actually run on more days.

Finding vet nurses at the moment is a problem too as there are not many ex-vet nurses/techs around to help. They do need to be fairly experienced as we have been told that if the nurse is very quick, then more sterilisations can be done.


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