Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Of T-shirts and emails

Taking a break from stuffing envelopes to blog. Only another 150 envelopes to go!

One of the town councils called today to ask for help - the complaint was about 'too many cats' in the vicinity and they were making noise. Apparently the complaint is that there are more than 10 cats in a three block radius. I spoke with the caregiver who says there are 8 cats there that she is aware of, all of them sterilised, except for one cat that is too old to be done. She is not aware of them making noise. Of course this means that to get more information, we need to speak with the complainant, but because it was an anonymous complainant it's a dead end. Also, what is ' too many cats'? Obviously if the whole place is over-flowing with cats, that is a problem, but I have dealt with complaints where someone complained that there were too many cats - and there were two or three cats in the block. One complainant wanted a single cat in their block removed. If everyone would just be a little bit tolerant, that would be helpful. If someone can live in close proximity to another 100 human beings in the same block of flats, then surely letting a few harmless cats live out the rest of their lives in the surrounding area cannot be too difficult?

Lillian told me today that the new t-shirts will be out by next week! So we will have two lovely new designs. They are a bit more expensive than the usual Society's t-shirts, because they are very colourful, but members will likely be given a discount.

Also, Marcus has been a genius and managed to get us a much cheaper rate for hosting our email server. This means that we will have more space for our emails but without having to pay too much. We do need quite a bit of space, because people send us photos and the like, and because we do get a fair amount of email. Today for example up to the time of this blog, I have received 64 emails, 45 coming from the public - and this doesn't include the emails that our other sub-committees get.


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