Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Small steps!

I spoke to one of the people who wrote in yesterday in response to my proposal of the cat management programme. She referred me to one of the people in charge of her company and they have said they will consider it because sterilisation seems to them to be a practical and long term method! Let's hope this takes off.

Also, one of the caregivers called up - one of the other women in her estate who has been constantly abandoning cats and refusing to sterilise finally agreed today and sent in 4 cats to be done. This is literally after years of people trying to convince the latter to sterilise. The cargiver did a fantastic job.

Baby steps - but with lots of baby steps like this, we'll be able to lick the overpopulation problem. If everyone can just convince one person to get their cats sterilised, we will have literally have thousands less on the streets.


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