Friday, April 15, 2005

Spay Day volunteers

I spent some time speaking to some of the people who have written in to volunteer for Spay Day. Unfortunately most people cannot make it on weekdays, so we are short of nurses and admission and release assistants on weekdays, which is going to be a problem.

Also, not everyone has had much stray cat experience. While the cat should be unconscious at all times when a clinic assistant is handling the cat, mishaps can happen. These cats are strays in a strange environment, which is ultimately very frightening for them and they may freak out. For example, at no point should someone stick their hand into a carrier when the cat is awake because the cat looks friendly. If the cat escapes, the whole clinic will need to be locked down, at the instructions of the building owner loaning us the space, which means frightened cat locked in building with stressed out volunteers. Not a pleasant situation when the cat is bouncing off the walls!

Really though, volunteers just need to be calm and follow the procedure and everything will be fine. Jolanda has been working through the procedures very thoroughly - I think she has everything covered!

Anyone else want to volunteer? We're still looking for people desperately!


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