Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sterilisation campaign

Just got some very exciting news about the sterilisation advertising/awareness campaign we're trying to run, but it's very preliminary and the details aren't at all fixed yet, so I'll blog about it later when I have more definite news. Watch this space!

Marcus organised a meeting this evening with a volunteer who wants to help with the website and I went along. Another volunteer (who suggested we meet tonight) did not turn up - we don't have his number so there was no way to contact him. He must have been very busy and perhaps did not see the e-mails.

I dropped by a CWS foster's home to drop something off and managed to take photos of the lovely cat she is looking after. He was found with his two front legs broken and in the bushes. Someone in the area said that he has seen someone throwing the cat off the fourth floor. The lady who picked him up could not house him, so we were very, very lucky there was a foster available just then. He is the most friendly, vocal, gorgeous cat and his legs are healing beautifully. If you put your head down, he comes up and head butts you! Let's hope he gets adopted and finds a permanent, loving home.


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