Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sterilisation not destruction

Cats the Society was asked to take in today :- One

Another condominium has asked for information on the sterilisation programme. I do hope that they will consider setting up cat cafes - we've had three requests in this past two weeks, and I hope more people will consider sterilisation. At the moment the problem is that sterilisation costs money, whereas if you send in cats to the AVA to be killed, it's free - unless you hire pest control, so even though sterilisation is a more effective long term solution, some people will pick the cheaper method of killing the cats.

If I had it my way, for every cat that someone sends in to be killed, they should pay an administrative fee. Make it expensive for them to kill the cat. After all, money IS spent killing the cat, buying the traps, providing the manpower to put the cat down, etc. This will make them consider other solutions.

I also know of people who send in cat after cat - clearly killing the cats is not working, but they are wasting everyone's money killing the cats anyway. One man I know of has said that he's sent in cats in the hundreds, but why would he consider sterilisation when he can get his problem removed for free?

In one of the counties in Florida which has roughly the same population in Singapore, the animal control there changed the way they worked - they also used to kill cats for free, but changed the scenario to now charge for every cat killed. They found that one organisation had sent in 2000 cats to be killed and clearly they were still not happy as the population has not decreased. They used the money raised to instead fund a sterilisation and educational programmes. They have found residents actually prefer to have the cats sterilised as most residents did not want the cats killed, but were just at a loss of how to stop the cats from multiplying. I find that to be the case here too - many people may not love cats, but it's only a tiny minority that want them killed.


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