Friday, April 15, 2005

Trapping Video

Cats we have been asked to take in since the last post :- One

Jolanda, Josephine and I have been talking about doing a trapping video for volunteers and members of the public to learn how to trap cats. We have noticed a lot of people are very daunted by the whole concept of trapping and then decide not to sterilise at all. If we can however show people that it's do-able, though not necessarily always easy (as all things in life!), we hope more people will have the confidence to start trapping on their own.

If possible, a short version of the video could be put on our website and then we could send the video to people who were more interested. I spoke to one of our ex-committee members who has a production company and she's willing to forego her fees, but it's still going to cost around $6000-$7000 for the facilities and editing which is not done by her. That's pretty costly. So back to the drawing board, unless we find generous sponsors!

Alley Cat Allies ( actually has a very good video on trapping - they also have good resources for other information.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, yes...a video shot of how to trap strays will be most useful. Me and friends, which is not experienced with strays is wondering how on earth can we trap the strays without scaring them off. Often we wonder how those dedicated and experienced feeder go about doing it. Despite the prohibitive cost of producing the video, at least now we know can it can be done. Let's all works toward it or to a more cost effective solution. Cheers

16/4/05 12:42 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks - one other option in the meantime is to get the very good Alley Cat Allies' DVDs called the 'Humane Solution' and their "Trap-Neuter Return". Or maybe it's possible to order a few of those to loan out, instead of making our own, though obviously that's in a different, American context. I bought a few myself actually and loaned them out, but never got any back!

16/4/05 4:53 PM  

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