Thursday, April 21, 2005

Warehouse Blues

What an exhausting day! Lillian and I spent four hours in the warehouse sorting through the t-shirts that arrived. They look great, but the sizes were in a mess. The supplier gave us only 4 XL instead of 50 and the boxes would have a few odd sizes stuck in a box full of another size. Plus we were short of a few t-shirts - Lillian is following up witht he suppliers on this. The warehouse is great - lots of space, which someone is kindly letting use. However, there's no lift up so the delivery man was grumbling about having to carry the cartons up the stairs.

After counting 800 t-shirts, Lillian and I were both brain dead - simple instructions such as "could you please put in 5 tshirts into the box over there" took on the complexity of rocket science. Of course this also meant that it took us longer to unpack each subsequent box of t-shirts, because we were regressing into zombies. Of course, it also had to pour when we were trying to leave and dispose of the now empty cartons (we were wondering if we could slide the cartons down the stairs - Lillian didn't think my idea of rolling the empty cartons and yelling "TIMBER" was effective for some reason).

But we're finally done! And the t-shirts are all ready so you can order them - the announcement should be on the Society's website very soon on how you can go about doing that, or drop me an email!


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