Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Adopting a cat - a pop quiz

What should you do if you really, really want a cat, but your significant other is terrified of them?

A. Try to convince your partner that a cat is lovely by introducing them slowly to friend's cats;
B. Adopt a cat and bring it home?

The answer boys and girls, is NOT B. We had someone whom we showed a cat to a week or so ago. He came with his wife who looked really reluctant to be there. When his wife asked about the cat, she was handed the cat to hold, at which point she promptly screamed.

This clearly wasn't a good idea, and the adoption team was going to suggest that he not adopt a cat. However the husband went to speak to one of his neighbours and took a cat from the neighbour! He then promptly wrote in to request to see a number of other cats.

Follow up to this story? We got an email from him yesterday saying that his wife cannot get used to the cat so can he give it to us? However he has just found someone else with multiple cats to give the cat to. I've written to advise him to PLEASE not adopt another cat until his wife is really okay with it.

Some people ARE scared of cats - so they may need time to get used to them. I should know because I used to be one of them. It's important before adopting a cat into your household to make sure everyone is okay with the cat. It may be a bit inconvenient for you if someone objects - but it's a very serious matter for a cat which may soon find itself homeless.


Blogger coboypb said...

Hi, Dawn. I think it's very ridiculous of the husband to think that his wife is going to like cats all the sudden. People can't change over night. It's scary that people just do such things on impulse without thinking on a long term basis for the animal's welfare.

By the way, I enjoy reading your blog. It has become part of my daily diet :) and I'm going to add your blog under the links in my blog.

1/6/05 12:42 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes it is - and the poor animal is the one who suffers.

Thanks for your kind words! Glad someone is reading this :)

1/6/05 1:09 PM  
Anonymous slushy_mushy said...

Ha, we are Dawn, good effort!

1/6/05 2:43 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...


1/6/05 2:50 PM  
Anonymous misty said...

Whether he should or shouldn't, he had already adopted the cat. He shouldn't give it up again until it's the last resort!!!

I picked my cat up when he was a week old. His mother was killed in a road accident. My sister is terrified of cats, but I refuse to put him on the street again. my sister and I have came to a compromise. When my sis is out, he can have the run of the whole house. When sis is around, he stays only in my room. This has worked so far, he has just celebrated his first birthday. And my sis even bought him a ball. She still dare not touch him, but she has accepted his presence in the house.

it is no easy task to handle family members who don't like cats. my sister and i have our fair share of arguments. i believe at the end of the day, giving up the cat is just the easy way out.

1/6/05 9:02 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Fortunately you're responsible and able to work it out with your sister. I don't think this adopter knew WHAT he was doing and probably handled it very badly. You're absolutely right in saying that since he had adopted the cat he shouldn't give it up - they aren't toys, but I don't think this person was a good adopter at all.

1/6/05 10:46 PM  
Blogger Three said...

Yup, he wasn't. :( I think he was rather impulsive actually and gave in too easily to his wife's fear. Perhaps if he handled it better, the poor cat wouldn't be looking for a home now.

My Mom's no fan at all of the furries but when I brought Boy back as a wee one some 13+ years ago, even she didn't have the heart to throw him out. She rolled up her rugs and grumbled a lot about his fur on her sofa. :D Even these days when she comes by to visit, she'll say hi to him.

And me, well, let's just say my cat (it was just Boy then) was the acid test. If the guy didn't bond with him, he was out the door. It's hard to imagine living without any of my cats. They are such a joy to think about during a hard day at work, and even more delightful to come home too.

Yes, your blog has become a staple of mine too. Keep up the great work. You're an inspiration to us all. :)

1/6/05 11:59 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I know of a LOT of people whose parents, friends, significant others all came around from being people who didn't like cats. In fact, a few people have told me that when they moved out, their parents would not let the cat go with them because they loved the cat (or cats) so much!

Thanks for all the kind words - but it's really all the tireless volunteers who are doing all the fantastic work for the cats. As I sit here and blog in the comfort of my room, I know some people are out there feeding or trapping cats. They are truly the people I admire!

2/6/05 12:07 AM  

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