Thursday, May 26, 2005


Two of the adoption volunteers and I went down to show some cats today and two were adopted. The potential adopters brought friends though and the cats got a bit scared - in fact, one of the cats to be adopted was so frightened she climbed underneath a cage and refused to come out. Her new adopters will have to pick her up tomorrow.

Another cat was adopted out too which someone else had asked to 'reserve' last week as she was going out of the country and it was her perfect cat. We made arrangements for her to pick it up today, but she said she could not make it which is understandable as these things happen, but then it turned out she had requested to adopt another cat! She also started asking questions about the suitability of the cat as well. I told her if she wasn't interested that she could just tell us. Anyway, the cat has found a good new home today with another adopter who seems very fond of the cat. Some more adoptions tomorrow as well possibly.

Then it was off to post office to pick up mail and buy stamps for the newsletters.


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