Friday, May 20, 2005

Banks and adoptions

One of the adoption volunteers and I showed a cat today. The lady seems nice, but she lives in an apartment and she's not willing to screen the windows up which can be a problem. Often people think it's quite safe, but once in a while a cat will surprise you and take a dive. Cats have bad spatial vision so they misjudge how far away an object is for example and may take a dive out of the window as a result. As such, it's really important to grille your windows up - they don't have to be permanent grilles, you can get plastic ones for example.

Another adopter called back to say she has to return her cat as her baby is allergic. She did go to a doctor and did specific allergy tests which showed the baby was allergic to cats so we have to see if the foster can take it back in. Most parents I have to say don't bother to do that - often they give up their cats which they've had all along and unfortunately quite a few doctors seem to tell them to do it 'just in case' without bothering to test. Recent studies have shown a lot of children are actually allergic to cockroaches and that shows up in a LOT of homes, so if for example the child isn't allergic to the cat, getting rid of the cat doesn't help the child either!

The bank called back! After telling me we could not have our own GIRO form, they called around a bit and said it's possible now.


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