Monday, May 16, 2005

Busy, busy, busy!

Cats we were asked to take in today :- Two

Today was pretty busy. After last blogging, I spoke with the lady who had been told to remove the cats from the temple. She now says she's not sure whom the man who spoke to her was, but that everyone is scared of him as he is in a position of authority in the temple. Apparently, another friend of hers had fed the cats without sterilisation and the population grew to 21! He gave her friend some time to remove the cats but the woman did nothing apparently. I've asked her to get me his name and I'll go down and speak with him. We can understand he may be frustrated, but there's no reason to threaten the cats. We'll also of course offer sterilisation as the better alternative.

One of the town councils which has been giving problems wrote in as well to ask for more information - which was all given last year! I've told them again to please check within their own town council to see what needs to be done.

Then off to do adoptions - we adopted one cat out on Saturday and another one was adopted today. Another two may be picked up next week after the two ladies think about it. What a disappointment - we had someone who said they were so keen to see a cat and we arranged everyone's time to suit this person, and then they said they could not make it in the end.

Quick rush back to pick up materials then we were off to the school talk!


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