Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cat in flat - Update

Apparently the HDB were able to trace the relatives of the occupant, but now there is some question as to whether he is still in occupation or not. The neighbours according to the feeder, have not seen him for days, but the siblings believe him to still be there. I spoke with another resident who confirmed that she just saw the cat in the flat this evening.

At any rate, the AVA will be going down tomorrow morning to check out the situation and will enter the flat with the police and the HDB if the cat is still there.

Again this is one of those cases where if you get someone senior enough, the ball starts rolling. I think what is needed is a certain set of protocol to follow. If not, if you get a junior employee, who is unable/unwilling to take the initiative. We have a similar agreement with the SCDF in cases where cats are trapped/caught in high buildings or out or reach places, etc to get the cats down where normal ladders will not reach. It's probably time to sit down with the police to see if we can come up with something similar.


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