Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cat out

The feeders went in with the police last night and found the man inside, lucid and angry. They were unable to find the cat in the flat, but flat was a mess and very dirty. The feeder said there was urine and defecation all over. It seemed that there was some doubt that he can walk on his own and he had recently been in the Institute of Mental Health as he has a mental disorder of some kind.

One of the neighbours had seen him on Monday and told the police earlier, but apparently when the feeders went and asked for further particulars, it turned out that the neighbour said they had also seen him falling and crawling back into the flat on that same day. Also, he regularly went out to buy his meals but had not been seen doing so for two days. On this basis, the police decided to go in again.

The feeders wanted to try and help him and offered to bring him food on a regular basis. The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports has also been alerted.

The feeders left the flat after a futile search for the cat. However, when they got downstairs, the cat was there and very hungry. So the cat is safe. Let's hope the MCDYS can do something as well. Unfortunately we have dealt with other cases like this as well. It's often easier to deal with cats ironically because you can remove them from the environment, but you can't do so with a person - even if the person seems to have diminished mental capacity.


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