Saturday, May 28, 2005

Comm Meeting

We just finished our committee meeting shortly after midnight. The committee also stuffed newsletters and they're all done so they'll be sent out really soon.

We had quite a few things to decide and discuss, including what we should do about cat management groups and how we need to get more people who are able to help out with liaison with the town councils. It's really hard to find such people - unfortunately many feeders are still frightened to talk to their town council and this really hampers the ability to prevent the cats from being caught in the first place. We need volunteers who don't necessarily need to trap or feed regularly, but are willing to be in charge of mediations and talk to town councils.

Also, Marcus is going to be a tv star! A production company approached us as they are doing an educational programme for children and they need someone to show cat management, so Marcus is it! . There was arm twisting, bribery and general begging, but he agreed!


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