Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Arrrrgggh - one of the committee members and I went down last week to speak to this lady who let her cat out into the corridor. After we explained to her that she has to keep the cat in for the cat's own safety, she agreed and now we learn that she's letting the cat out again! Why is it so difficult to understand that the cat needs to be kept in?

Also because the town council accepted the complainant anonymously now they can't let the complainant know that it's been acted upon so the complainant is saying nothing has been done. Another reason why anonymous complaints are just a stupid idea! It allows people to (1) make frivolous complaints against someone else and (2) doesn't allow for feedback to be given to the complainant. If you want the problem solved, just go on record.

The town council officer is a nice man and they have gone down too, but the cat owner keeps insisting the cat needs 'fresh air'.


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