Friday, May 20, 2005

How difficult is it to open a GIRO account anyway?

Apparently very difficult.

After finally opening our new account a few weeks ago, we waited for our password to log into Internet banking. When it arrived, first it didn't work and then when it did, there was no GIRO facility.

I called the bank today and apparently, you need to apply separately for the GIRO facility (which we were not told when we signed up, though we clearly said so). I was told to go to the bank to ask to sign up. I clarified that I needed to go down and get a form, but was told there was no form and that the Society needs to draft our own letter to apply for GIRO. I then asked if it would not be better to draft the letter BEFORE going to the bank and was told I need to ask the bank what is needed in the letter. And all this time I thought that's what bank call centres were for - to give you the information first so you can save time! Silly me!

I finally got her to promise to call back with the instructions before I go down, but I'm not holding my breath.


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