Tuesday, May 24, 2005

If I tell you about it, then it becomes your problem

You have to love the fact that people sometimes send us the rudest emails. We just got one that immediately started by berating us on the fact that we did not have a pager or contact number for her to call. She said that she knew that we were run by volunteers - but this didn't stop the vitriol from flowing.

Apparently this person saw a very sick cat and was so upset that she did what any really 'concerned' person would do. She immediately rushed home to email us instead of taking the cat to the vet right away all the while complaining that she was so upset about the cat being injured.

Of course the irony is that SHE didn't leave a phone number for us to call her back - and her email address didn't work.

Some people think that by telling the Society about it then they have done their duty. I cannot understand how people can claim to be so concerned and then walk away leaving a sick/dying/injured cat there. If it bothers you so much, do something!

Thank goodness these people are in the minority or the cats would really be in trouble. We've had people email to say they see a cat lying half dead - and didn't even bother to email till the next day. For goodness sake if it bothers you so much, take it to the vet - don't email and just whine about it. Any cat that is really sick or injured needs immediate medical care - which means of course the person on the spot.


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