Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lucky cat

Funny - and true - story :-
One of the adopters (who is collecting the cat tomorrow) called to tell one of our adoption volunteers that after we showed the cat to him on Friday, he asked for some time to be sure that this was the right cat for him. He was more and more convinced as the day wore on that it was the right cat for him, and at the same time he bought a Toto (or was it 4D? I always get them mixed up) ticket.

He won the first and third prizes. So now he says the cat is his lucky cat!


Anonymous Aminah Bee said...

I reckon my cat can also be considered a "lucky cat" too.
When I first found my cat, he was a very sick stray cat on the brink of death. I rescued him, brought him to the vet and adopted him. His vet treatment and hospitalisation bills was $200.
A few months later, I send in his catfood label in a cat food lucky draw contest.
I spend $200 saving his life and he in return gave me good luck winning first prize in the cat food lucky draw contest .... an all paid one week holiday stay in Perth, Australia for 2 persons worth about $2,000.
A year later, his yawning photo, appeared in my neighbourhood newsletter, winning $80 in a candid/funny photo contest.

Incidentally his name is Lucky. The vet and me figured that this cat is lucky to survive when the vet almost gave up hope on his recovery.
Anyone owning pets should considered themselves lucky as pets brought companionship, love and owning pets is the best therapy. Medical research shows that pets help lowered blood pressure, reduce hypertension and reduce heart related problems.
Lucky my pet cat, you are the sunshine of my life and I am lucky having you.

1/6/05 6:46 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

He certainly DOES sound like a lucky cat too! I'm sure he also feels equally lucky to have you in HIS life.

1/6/05 10:57 PM  

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