Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mediation and newsletter

Number of cats we were asked to take in today :- Five

One of the committee members and I went down to get the newsletter printed today. It'll be done quite soon and then we'll be sending it out to members.

We also went back to revisit two of the mediations we did. One involved a lady letting her cat out of the flat. We went back and the cat wasn't out and the door was closed. However, her daughter said the cat had been let out since we came by. Also the mother said she had kept the cat in since we visited but we have some doubts because she asked how her cat is supposed to use the toilet. We explained that cats use sandtrays, but she kept insisting that she heard this can breed mosquitoes!

At any rate, she says she is going to take it up with the town council. We explained that we were there to mediate and we didn't want her cat to be killed if another complaint came in, and she responded with my personal favourite excuse - the fact that the complainants will be punished in the afterlife for what they have done. At least her daughter looked alarmed when we explained that if she is caught, the cat will be killed - it's such a sweet cat too!

Then we went to the block which Jolanda and I went to last week. We explained again we wanted to sterilise the cats, NOT kill them. The resident who is worried about the growing numbers has even offered to pay for the sterilisation, but now the feeder says she is too busy to help and that she is too busy to feed. We walked around and found people throwing rice out of the window for either the cats or birds. We knocked on the door of the flat, but they refused to open up so we left information for them and hope they call us.

Again well-meaning people are the ones who are sometimes partially responsible for getting the cats killed! If the cat is kept in, and the numbers of the cats reduced through sterilisation, they would be okay where they are. At the rate they are going, if the feeders and owner keep doing what they are doing, the cats are going to get rounded up.


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