Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Poor little kittens

I went for a jog a little while ago and found two dead kittens. Poor little kittens were about 200m apart and one had obviously been run over by a car but the other had no visible marks on its body. I think that both must have been hit by the same car. I was wondering whether to get a necropsy done, but the second kitten had no signs of abuse and the first looked obviously run over. The car may have swerved and somehow hit both kittens in the street. I did go back to take photos just in case. I spoke to Jolanda and she mentioned that she had kittens killed by cars with no visible injuries.

Poor kittens. I don't understand why the person didn't stop. Even if they couldn't have done anything for the kittens, they could have at least moved them off the road. I really hope the second kitten didn't lie there suffering because I think the first one died pretty instantaneously.

It's days like these you feel that you'll never do enough and that there'll always be the cats you get to too late to do anything.


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