Thursday, May 12, 2005


Jolanda just emailed to tell me about a feeder both of us have had dealings with. Apparently the management of a place this feeder is working with wants to remove the cats. Jolanda offered that the Society would go down and mediate, but the feeder refuses to tell her where this place is. She is insistent that it would be of no help and that she would rather remove the cats. She asked if the Society can find fosters for all the kittens.

When Jolanda persisted and said the cats might die if they are relocated or removed, the feeder then said that the punishment for the people who want to remove them would come in the afterlife.

Now whatever your feelings are on the afterlife, I don't understand this. Another feeder always says the same thing to me as well - if the cats are caught, then it will be on the conscience of the people trapping/the people trapping will be punished in the afterlife. Then she will sit back and do nothing. If the cats can be saved in the here and now, why not save them? Why not make an effort so they don't die now?


Anonymous vegancat said...

Leaving to "afterlife" is a lame excuse not to take action now, in whatever way you can.
By not doing anything will always contribute to her own "afterlife" experience.
One doesn't know if there is a afterlife or not.
One needs the wisdom to know that action right now in this-life is important.

12/5/05 1:18 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thankfully most people do not think this way, but there are still some who sit by and let their cats get taken. It is very upsetting.

12/5/05 3:00 PM  

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