Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Spay Day details

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Jolanda and I met with several volunteers today, including vets to discuss running another Spay Day clinic. There's really so much to decide - even what anesthetic to use. Of course using different anesthetic means that the cat can be knocked out much faster - and the recovery can be quicker too. Other types may be cheaper but may need to be topped up in the middle of the surgery. We're going to be aiming to use the best drugs and materials possible - at the moment it's also very affordable as we're doing a small number of cats.

We heard there were a lot of strays in the vicinity so Jolanda went looking in the area for signs of the strays. I asked one of the lady's in a shop nearby who said she used to have cats, and she said rather dismissively, "Oh I don't like those cats" with the implication that she didn't like strays. I think my face fell in dismay. It's sad that we still have people who prefer pedigree to local cats.

On another front, apparently the HDB, police and AVA all went down to remove the cat from the flat, but when the locksmith tried to open up, the door was latched from the inside. Now the feeders are worried that the MAN may be inside and not well (they heard from the neighbours he was last seen looking sick on Monday), so they're trying to get the police to go in again to see if he's okay. The cat however was seen recently according to one of the neighbours.


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