Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Michelle, Marcus, Lillian and I met at the warehouse today to pack the t-shirts, and I was pleasantly surprised that the volunteers turned up! They were really nice girls and did a really good job re-labelling the t-shirts and helping us to pack cards. Thanks to everyone's help, we managed to finish in two hours.

I say pleasantly surprised, because unfortunately we have quite a few volunteers who don't show when they say they will. If they don't confirm, it's usually safer to assume they won't turn up. Just a few weeks ago, Marcus and I attended a meeting fixed by a person who said he couldn't make it at any other time. We asked the other person coming to turn up then - and the person never showed. Same thing with exhibitions and other events - people don't show up and don't even call sometimes. At one exhibition, I had to drop what I was doing and go down for an earlier shift because no one on duty showed.

The bad news - the small t-shirts arrived and apparently they're not a lot smaller than the Mediums. It appears that the sizing of the shirts is just strange. I don't think we will be using this supplier again.

And Marcus and Michelle bought coffee - and non-caffeinated beverages too!


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