Tuesday, May 17, 2005

T-shirts and sterilisation

Lillian and I were supposed to go to the warehouse today to receive the new t-shirts, but again, the t-shirts have been held up. It's annoying because we arranged for the traps to be delivered today to accommodate the t-shirt supplier, but apparently he says that the printing did not turn out right again. Sigh. At any rate, Jolanda and I still need to go down and pick up the traps.

Jolanda and I went down to a mediation last week and found the feeders who claimed as usual, that they were not looking after the cats, just 'feeding'. We spoke to them about sterilisation and they seemed to consider it and a resident in the block has offered to pay for it, but apparently, another woman told them if they trapped the cats they would all be killed. This was overheard by the resident sponsoring the sterilisation. So now we have to go down and convince her again that we are not there to kill the cats at all but to get them done.


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