Monday, May 16, 2005


Thank goodness for all the committee members who showed up today - Marcus, Michelle, Jolanda and one more committee member. The volunteer who wanted to help with education didn't turn up for some reason. At any rate, it was really helpful to have them all there, because it's really difficult to give the talk and hand out postcards at the same time as well as just basically help to handle the power point and switch over to videos.

The talk seemed a bit too difficult for them, so we may need to work on shortening that. The video, which children really seem to like though, couldn't be heard. The school said they would handle the setup, but the sound system wasn't the best, so I'm not sure how much the students could hear. Plus with a big group like that (more than 200 kids), at least half of them weren't paying attention at any one time. We find that smaller talks always work better.

Anyone want to help with education? You do need to be free during school (working) hours though.


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