Friday, May 13, 2005

To report or not to report?

It's always important to report animal abuse cases if there's a chance to actually stop the abusers. This is especially so if the person who perpetrates the abuse is in some position of authority. What happens though if your witness may not be the best of witnesses and the person you're complaining about is someone you're frightened of?

One of the caregivers called today to say that her friend had seen one of the supervisors in her area taking her cats away. I asked why she did not make a report, but she said the town council denied taking the cats and when she complained to her MP, the MP was very unsympathetic, telling her she should spend her time doing other volunteer work instead of running around with cats. Subsequently she said two of her cats were caught, she believes in retaliation.

She believes the town council is not aware of this, but is concerned that the supervisor may have taken this upon himself. She is now concerned that if she reports the situation and it doesn't result in a successful prosecution, he may come back for her remaining cats. On top of that, she says that while her witness is very certain he has the right man, he is old and stutters. She is worried he may not be the most credible of witnesses. We've had a case fall apart once because the witness of an abuse case backed out at the last moment at the police station - witnesses have to be firm and come forward and look credible.

The other people who she says have witnesses this man kicking the cats will not come forward. She is going to speak with them all and try and convince them again. Apparently all of them are scared of this man.

At any rate she asked me to meet with the witness next week and we'll sit down and discuss this. This is a tough case - let's hope more witnesses come forth.

This illustrates why evidence is so very important - a photo taken or a license plate number traced would be a lot of help at this point to back up what is said.


Anonymous vegancat said...

To the MP who advocated that the volunteer divert her volunteerism beyond cats, perhaps the MP should be reminded that the PM himself has indicated an official recognication of involvement in animal welfarism. The MP should be helpful to any Singaporean who bothers to be engaged in any activities beyond his/her own self indulgence. Perphaps the MP needs to be presented with the CWS that boldly states KILL IGNORANCE. We have IGNORED our connectiveness to everything that is around us and this is why the earth is being push to its current sick and hopefully not irreversibly terminal yet. Engaging in caring for the cats goes beyond just a "cat issue". It is the very antidote to the SELFISHNESS that is so prevalent amongst children and their parents. Selfish children mirror the behaviour of their parents. To such a MP, tell him/her that you have regretted voting him/her in, even if it were just ONE vote.

14/5/05 7:59 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

That's exactly right - that whether or not you like cats, what the volunteer is doing is good for the environment and for the residents. Looking at it as only helping cats is very myopic. Unfortunately due to a minority of these MPs, it discourages some of the residents from seeking help and letting their feedback be known.

14/5/05 11:48 AM  
Anonymous Aminah Bee said...

Last year I met my area MP, as my area sterilised (tip ear) and not sterilised stray cats are captured by Town Council and send to AVA, due to stray cats nuisance complain to Town Council from a resident.
I approached my MP to help advice Town Council not to captured the sterilised cats and give me sometime, at least a month to sterilised those not sterilised cats.
My MP could not care less with the plight of stray cats. The MP replied that she have to listen to complains from the majority who are cat haters, and cat lovers like me, are just a small minority.
My MP also said if she listen to me, the other majority resident cat haters would be disatisfied with her.
The MP further remarked, majority wins.
My MP knew she can always get votes from the majority in the General Elections, hence she listen to the majority.
Ours (cat lovers) voice are a small and unheard of.

14/5/05 10:40 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

It's good that people like you speak up though - hopefully more people will do so. I truly believe that most people do not want to kill cats, whether they like cats or not - and the sooner more people speak up the better.

14/5/05 11:19 PM  

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