Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Traps and sick cats

Jolanda and I were down at the warehouse today to receive the traps - all 100 of them. We've ordered them of different sizes and they work great! So if anyone needs traps, drop the Society (or me) an email. As usual it was a pretty long day at the warehouse but the people delivering the traps were really nice and carried them up for us,

Also today seems to be the day people are picking up injured cats. Someone just found an abandoned cat and she took it to the vet after contacting us for advice. I've just spoken with her and she said the cat is in really bad shape - covered in fleas, dehydrated and needs blood work done. It's also the third case we have of sick cats today - the weather is not helping any. Thanks to all the good souls who have been taking them to the vet.


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