Thursday, June 30, 2005

British Council & Community Fair

First day of my leave, though I ended up working in the morning. I also went by to the British Council to drop off the shirts for Neil Gaiman to sign - it's fortress city. I couldn't drive my car in obviously because they had all these No entry signs and when I stopped just outside, I couldn't leave my car there. I was trying to catch the eye of the guards with no luck, but the minute I stepped out of the car, they quickly sprinted up to tell me I couldn't park. I didn't think they'd appreciate me throwing the shirts over like a frisbee! :)

I dropped by also to see Marcus and Michelle at the exhibition this afternoon. It's really great that SMU has something like a community fair to encourage students to be active volunteers.

Marcus and Michelle are also going to be interviewed tonight for Urban magazine next week. We've actually been interviewed for several of the articles because it's a pet issue so that should be interesting!

I also emailed one of the MPs because one of our volunteers had been having some problems this morning. I was pleasantly surprised that she emailed so quickly - let's hope we can work together to solve the problem.


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