Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Conference Day One and TC complaints

Today was the opening of Asia for Animals. The Keynote speech was a lady from the Animals Asia Foundation which was really moving. We have a booth up at the hotel too and have been selling our merchandise and giving out information about the Society. As the conference is really about all animals, it's quite a diverse crowd.

I'm back home to get some details of the Spay Day worked out, as well as talk to some volunteers about town council complaints. When the town council calls and tells you about a complaint, try not to dismiss it outright unless it's really ridiculous. For example, a lady today kept insisting that the cat does not go up to the second floor without knowing exactly which cat it was. This means the cat may well be being lured up by someone - and you lose credibility by insisting it does not happen if it might. It's always best to find out ALL the facts first - then you can feel confident in saying that this is not the culprit for example.

Okay getting ready to go back to the conference. It's always interesting to meet other delegates from around the world. It's a really early start tomorrow too - 8 am. I'm really NOT a morning person!


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