Thursday, June 23, 2005

Day Two!

Day 2 of Asia for Animals and the first day of the Stray Cat Management session. I was the Chairperson of the session, which in essence was me doing the Vanna White thing, going up and introducing the speakers.

There were interesting speakers from the HK SPCA, from Katmandu Animal Treatment Centre and our own Liang Tong. The speech was on Humane Management of Stray cats in Singapore. We also spoke to several people after from all over the world about our projects. The interesting thing about these sessions is the sharing of information.

Someone wanted to see a cat trap, so we brought one of ours, and now people are asking where to buy it. The cat trap in fact has turned out to be quite a hit!

One of the delegates also found an injured cat so we're helping to make arrangements - she's bringing it to the vet herself.


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