Friday, June 24, 2005

Fundraising workshop

I went back this afternoon for the fundraising workshop - the morning session was held up though so the session started almost an hour and a half late. It was a very interesting session though - I learnt that it's estimated that 15% of all the funds that a country spends on pet food and animal related expenses is the amount a country can expect to get for it's animal charities. Also they got experienced fundraisers to come on board and share their experiences. Some of the organisations have set up offices in the US and UK to fundraise for China and India. For local organisations, SPCA and the Society were asked to show our local materials. We were told our postcards were good in terms of being accountable, but that we need to make it easy for people to donate - by giving them envelopes to send the money back for example. In fact, we're going down Tuesday afternoon to print postage paid envelopes for donations!

Also, there was a General Meeting. It was interesting, though some of the resolutions were a bit vaguely drafted which led to a lot of confusion.

We ended off with a gala dinner. We left fairly early though - it had been a long day and they were playing party games which aren't really my thing.


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